The Journey


The Journey is a large contemporary glass artwork created in our Studio in Dorset. Designed as a large feature, and statement, artwork The Journey looks back at interlocking journeys that we all take through our lives in a strong and vibrant statement. The use of glass allows those journeys to change with the light and to catch our thoughts and memories as the glass reflects to the background in such a beautiful way. Areas of the artwork are kept clear, with light dashes of colour raised above the clear, so that we can see through to how we can reflect back with others.

Every piece of glass was hand-crafted to give an amazing fit and to utilise the many varied properties of glass; through it's vibrant colours and unique properties of working with light.

If you feel that you would like something similar to fit your own space, then please do contact us and we will happily discuss your commission requirements and work with you.


Size: 97cm x 50cm.

Due to it's size shipping would require special crating or collection.


Shipping: Fixed rate: £95.00
Height 50.00
Depth 5.00


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