Love, Togetherness and Joy Triptych


Three panels that depict Love at First Sight, Togetherness & Joy of family unity. Each of these pieces were designed as part of a tryptych.

Panel One: This first panel encapsulates that first moment when eyes meet their soul mate across a crowded room.

Panel Two: The centre panel depicts the development of the relationship as two people come together in partnership.

Panel Three: The final panel shows how two become part of a family and continue their growth with their loved ones around them.

Each of the panels shares the colours of another panel in an intricate link to one another just as relationships and families share that close connectivity.

These Arazzo panels have been intricately designed through the creation of specially created glass sheets, cutting, manipulation and multiple glass kiln firings to arrive at the finished pieces which are full of craftsmanship.

A very special present for your soulmate and life partner or a gift to be shared to celebrate a special relationship.

Wall fittings are included in the price.
Packaging and delivery to UK (insured) is included.
A certificate of Authenticity is included.

Size: Each panel measures 40cm X 40cm

Alternatively, the panels can be purchased individually
Should you wish to have just one panel (£300 with fittings and insured delivery) please contact us.



Height 40.00
Depth 2.50


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