Jewel Rondel


This popular new design was created late last year at our Dorset studio and is now the largest design in our 'Love Light' collection.

This unique design from Galiani Glass Art is composed of over 25 different colours and hues positioned to give an intense display. Each individual jewel of glass is cut by hand, then placed with precision taking into account size, colour and harmony. The final rondel creates a stunning display that combines colour and light in the most amazing way.

Why do we call them jewels? Using a new technique it enables the light to interact with the glass to give wonderful jewel like reflections - showing just what an amazing medium glass is!

The Jewel Rondel can also be purchased to fit into one of our sturdy matt black metal stands that makes it perfect to take advantage of light anywhere (£220).

Size: 40.6cm diameter.

This glass original can also be designed to any size that fits with your home or office.



Shipping: Fixed rate: £26.60
Height 41.00
Depth 0.80


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