About us

Galiani Glass Art endeavours to create bespoke one-off original artworks which are hand crafted by us as artists/designers, and can be cared for and enjoyed by our clients forever.

To create our individual glass art pieces, we design using a range of different glass techniques, including working with molten glass, fusing, shaping and casting, to produce spectacular pieces that we hope will enhance both private homes and public spaces.

Our passion is to design and create beautiful, individual pieces of quality art that can be both eye-catching and functional. Glass is a fascinating medium and its inherent vibrancy, its interaction with light and darkness always brings a visual experience to the environment it is displayed.

We get our inspiration from the world around us, natures' patterns, organic forms and the flow and interaction of its palette of colours. In each piece we make we look at the colour of glass, the form it will take, and the way it can interact with light in so many different and exciting ways.

Each piece is created in our own studio in Dorset and always made with great care to detail and a passion for the use of glass. You are always welcome to come along and visit us at our studio and discuss with us what you are looking to include in your home; whether it be an artistic wall art, a splashback for your kitchen or bathroom or perhaps a gift for someone special. Every piece of art will be identified as hand-crafted and our commission pieces are always signed and provided with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' so your art will always be traceable.

We take great pride in our Jewellery, where every piece is individually designed and handmade by us in our Dorset studio.

Our aim is to use the unique beauty of glass, it's range of brilliant colours, the use of opacity and transparency along with a splash of science, and a great deal of care, to create our quality designs just for you.

Our glass designs are carefully chosen for colour, shape and texture, then hand cut before being introduced to our kilns. They are then hand finished to give bespoke and beautiful jewellery pieces.

We also create unique designs of jewellery in Sterling Silver and incorporate glass to give stunning individual creations. Much of our Silver jewellery is hallmarked with our very own hallmark.

We also extend our range of skills by creating all our very own glass beads, all hand made by us in the open flame at extremely high temperature, requiring a lot of skill to craft. These are then used to add to our range of jewellery designs to enhance their inherent beauty.

We use wire techniques to help display our glass and create different designs that will increase the attraction of the glass and produce original jewellery pieces for you to enjoy or for gifts for family, friends and loved ones.

We hope you enjoy our use of glass and find that it will give you a special connection to the design and look that can be enjoyed forever. 


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